The International Research Project « Fundamental catalysis for green chemistry » (FUNCAT) was established in 2013 and renewed in 2017. The innovative green chemistry oriented project originated from a fruitful scientific encounter between Prof. Tom Baker (uOttawa) and Prof. Philippe Sautet (CNRS – ENS de Lyon).

Visit of the IRP FUNCAT on February 4th, 2020
From left to right: Laurent Bonneviot (ENS de Lyon), Jan Matas (CNRS satellite office Canada), Tom Baker (uOttawa), Sylvette Tourmente (CNRS office Washington, D.C.)

FUNCAT employs a combination of computational and experimental approaches. It aims to improve the understanding of the chemistry principles needed to better design and synthesize efficient “green” catalysts for pollution abatement and renewable biomass valorization. 

Based on mutual confidence and shared research priorities, since its creation, FUNCAT brought together a dynamic group of a dozen researchers from the University of Ottawa and University of Lyon. It includes in particular the uOttawa’s Center for Catalysis Research and Innovation (CCRI) and several Lyon’s CNRS joint research laboratories: Laboratoire de Chimie with ENS de Lyon, IRCE Chemistry with University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, and C2P2 with University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and CPE Lyon.

Currently led by CNRS/ENS Lyon researcher, Dr. Carine Michel, FUNCAT also involves Master’s student internships and PhD mobilities, most recently supported also by IDEXLyon funding. The collaborative research has resulted in a dozen scientific papers (either published or in progress) as well as several PhD theses. Faculty participants have presented their research at departmental seminars in Lyon and Ottawa and several uOttawa professors have taught Master classes at ENS Lyon. The research topics being closely related to the challenges faced by our modern society, FUNCAT represents an important asset for France-Canada cooperation in both research and innovation.